5 essential home cleaning tips and hacks


Keeping your home tidy and clean is a quick way to reduce the daily stresses of life, but some of us feel anxious even by cleaning themselves. When we feel like we don’t know where to start or how often we must do certain housekeeping chores. things get overwhelming. Use these pro tips to  keep your home sparkling clean.

Micro fiber clothes are must have

Micro fiber cloths should be your tops 3 home cleaning items. On tidying surfaces microfiber is not only stronger than sponges and paper towels  but they are also machine washable and fast drying that means that they are far less likely to keep germs. Try mixing white distilled vinegar with a micro-fibre cloth. White vinegar, mixed with warm water and soap, is your must have multi-functional stain removal and general cleaner.

Baking soda for big food mess is essential

Whereas a microfiber cloth is suitable for fast cleaning up a small mess on kitchen areas and appliance surfaces, try using baking soda for large food related messes.
Use the baking soda to get the grit in your pantry. Sprinkle the baking soda on a towel and wipe away any places that get the built up grease. Allow it a few minutes and then dab the region with a clean moist towel to absorb the oil.

Make scratched plates look new again

The drop of a knife here, and an zealous fork there, and you have an unexpectedly scratched pile of plates in your kitchen abruptly. Luckily, with baking soda, it’s simple to make your plates appear brand new once again. Just make a paste of baking soda and water, add it to the scratches and your dishes appear as fresh in no time.

Dry sheets are grease killers

Grime is no competition to dryer sheets. The grime and grease on your frying pans can easily be demolished by utilizing dryer sheets. Just get soap, a dryer sheet, and warm water in the sink, place your pan inside and let the combination stay for one to two hours. The muck is easy to wipe out when you pour out the saturated water.

A mop that you can wash in the laundry

Perhaps you found that cleaning using a wet mop is like wiping the floors with dirty water. And that actually has some truth to it. Research shows mops encourage so much bacterial growth when kept in wet conditions that they can not even be removed by chemical disinfection. Nevertheless, mops are completely clean and safe when washed and dried. That’s why you’re going to want to drop your standard mop in place of a washable mop.