6 skills and command that will keep your dog safe and happy


Dogs are very intelligent creatures. And in as little as five minutes of work a day, you can teach your dog to perform a variety of useful tricks. While at it, you will also improve the safety and well-being of your dog. There are many methods available to train your dog but you should choose one based on praise and positive affirmations.

Your dog will possess a polite way to greet guests when you teach him to sit. You will also have a command that will allow you to gain immediate control over your dog when you need it most. Start the training by teaching your dog to sit when there is nothing present to distract him or her. Later, have your dog sit while greeting new people.

This command is necessary when you want your dog to remain in place for a certain amount of time and not follow you or move around. One great use of the command ‘stay’ is when you and your dog approach a traffic-heavy street and you are waiting for a safe time to cross the street. The ‘stay’ command is great for dogs that are distracted easily or like to chase other animals.

A dog who will respond to a command to lay down will allow you to enjoy your normal daily activities without the burden of constant dog management. This command can be used in useful scenarios like sending your dog to lay down when you and your family are at the dinner table and bringing peace to your dog when he is agitated or excited.

The ‘come’ command is a great way to keep your dog safe and away from potential danger. When you and your dog are separated and you become conscious of a potential threat to his or her safety, you want your dog to hurry to your side and away from the danger as quickly as possible. Reward your dog with a playful game of tug of war, words of praise, or a pat on the head whenever he or she comes to you on command. This will reinforce in the dog’s mind that it is always worth the trouble to come when you call.

Leave it
An active dog will come across many different items on a given day. These items can include garbage, chocolate, poop, dead animals, or many other things. Your dog will find every item possible that you wish they stay away from. Your dog should react immediately to the command ‘leave it’ by turning in your direction and leaving what it is on the ground that previously held its attention.

Drop it
There will be times when you will not realize your dog has found something he should not mess with until it is already in his mouth. It can be dangerous for your dog for you to reach in his or her mouth in an attempt to take something from them. Instead, train your dog to drop the unwanted item in exchange for its favorite toy or treat whenever you speak the ‘drop it’ command.