A new solution to mental health issues

Shutterstock.com/ Cookie Studio

The idea of mental well being is something that is growing in popularity in conversations, online articles, and discussions around the world. This is a great thing. For a long time, mental health was seen as a taboo topic. If you had a bad knee it was fine to talk about it, it is fine to see a doctor to get it fixed and it is fine to complain about it all day. However, if your mental health is in bad shape it was seen as strange to talk about it, strange to even reveal it and little could be done about it. That picture is slowly changing and people are becoming more willing to talk about their mental issues, depression, and mood changes. As more people talk about it more people realize they are not alone in these mental issues. It is now pretty clear that everyone suffers mentally at some point in their lives and talking about it is a great way to help. However, if talking is not an option there are other ways as well and one may surprise you.

Some of the most popular ways to tackle mental issues now are by practicing to think positive, being mindful, and self talk. Many doctors highlight that a mental issue is often caused by some other issue in life and that adjustments are needed in lifestyle to counter the key issues causing problems. These issues may come from relationships with family and friends, they may come from nutrition, diet, and hours of sleep. They may come from anxiety levels caused by your studies or work. Whatever it is that is causing the root issue should be dealt with before applying remedies to the symptoms. There is no point in thinking positively when you feel stressed if you are in an environment that will continue to cause more stress.

One study has now suggested that nature and gardening are two important items in counteracting stress and a wide range of mental health issues. The increased urbanization of our environment is causing increases in depression. Studies have shown that people who spend little or no time in nature suffer the most. If people can spend one to two hours a week in nature there are massive increases in their mental well-being.

If they can take part in some activity the benefits increase further. This is why some experts are suggesting gardening as an appropriate solution. It allows people to be part of nature and to engage in an activity that will stimulate the mind and body. Viren Swami was the leader of one particular study and said that having a positive body image is key to being mentally happy. This does not mean looking in the mirror every day and doing everything you can to have a six-pack, it means being happy with your body and being proud of what it can do.

By going gardening you can engage in physical labor and be proud of the accomplishments of your mind and body. You can spend time in nature. You can problem solve and work up a sweat by being out in the elements. Gardening is seen as a particularly great solution for people who are older and can’t go running or to the gym. Light activity in the garden and the larger task of growing plants and flowers can keep their mind focused and their body engaged.

While urban environments offer little access to nature there are small garden plots opening in most cities. People can purchase or rent some small plots of land and tend to their own gardens. This is a fantastic community initiative and is something that we should all support.