Choosing a pet rabbit


Selecting any pet should be done with care and consideration for the life of the animal and the family, and rabbits are a good choice for those who want a pet that will have a long life. While they are not maintenance free, a healthy rabbit can be an excellent pet for those with the time to socialize and care for them. There are many difference things to think about before choosing a rabbit, and here are just a few of the more important decisions to be made.

Those choosing a rabbit should be prepared for years of enjoyment, but they should be prepared for the cost of that quality time. Rabbits are not low maintenance pets, and they do require regular vet visits. One of the best ways to cut down on those visits is to take the time to feed and care for it properly. It all begins with making the right choices from the start.

There are plenty of rabbits available at pet stores and from breeders, but there are also those who have been given up by their previous owners to shelters. Consider taking in a rabbit that needs another home and person to love.

Whether choosing a rabbit from a shelter, store or breeder, look for a rabbit that does not have obvious signs of illness. Losing a pet is difficult enough, but it can lead to heartbreak when it happens within a few days or weeks. A pet that does not move much, shows obvious signs of infection or even refuses to be touched could be a rabbit with health issues.

Bringing home a pet requires being able to feed and shelter it, so these should be considered before making a choice. Rabbits can live in a hutch or a cage, and each one has its own benefits. A hutch is considerably larger than a cage and offers greater socializing ability, but it can be more difficult to keep clean. A large enough cage can give the rabbit room for some exercise, is easy to clean and it can be much easier to get the rabbit in and out for quality time together.

Bedding and litter are something to think about when it comes to the needs of a new pet, and the decisions should be based ease of cleaning. Being able to keep a rabbit’s environment healthy will depend upon how often and well its cage or hutch is cleaned, so keep that in mind when searching for options that are within the budget.

Rabbits can eat pellets, but they also need to be fed plenty of vegetables and fresh greens. A high fiber diet is best, and preparing it will be easier since grooming consists only of regular brushing and nail trimming.

For those seeking a pet they can play with, providing plenty of toys for their rabbit will provide hours of enjoyment as they observe their behavior. Rabbits also like to be held, so spending quality time holding and petting them will also make them a good pet.