Common design mistakes to avoid in the home

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We recently spoke to an interior designer and asked what are the biggest mistakes people make in their homes. Here are the most common issues that our designer found and how you can fix them. There were many worse examples but for this article, we wanted to focus on those errors that everyone makes.

Too many pillows

For some reason long ago it became popular to have an abundance of pillows on your bed. Perhaps it was originally a sign of wealth as the more money you could waste on pillows clearly showed you had a lot of money to waste. Most of us when we sleep need one pillow each. That means that a double bed or larger should have a minimum of two pillows. However, it should not have ten. Our designer said that three pillows are the perfect balance between practical and fashionable. Three pillows look great on a bed and are easy to create in the morning before you head out the door. If you are someone who is currently putting seven pillows on your bed every morning, you need to stop.

Too many plants

There was a time when filling your home with plants was a great idea but now most people recognize that it creates too much clutter. Our designer suggests that you keep your windowsills clear from any plants. One large plant in the bedroom is nice or a couple of hanging plants can work well too.

Please stop with the wall decor

A picture on the wall – lovely. A couple of pictures can work well if properly placed too – no problem. However, our designer graciously requests and also pleads that our readers stop putting clever, kitsch, ironic messages on the walls. While most of us have now steered away from “Live, Laugh, Love” there are still many homes out there with this exact message or worse. Stop it. Our expert says that when people come into your home they are distracted by text and while reading they miss the whole aesthetic of the home. There is also the fact that these things are so cheesy that they make me want to vomit when I see them.

Keep it organized

One thing to ensure is that your bedroom has a bedroom feel. Many of us don’t have the luxury of an extra room for our office so we have a desk in our bedroom. That is perfectly acceptable but you should try to avoid leaving files and folders out on the desk all the time. This will cause extra stress and anxiety that you don’t need in your life. Find a drawer or box that allows you to organize your things properly. This will make your bedroom still feel like a bedroom. When the files are away don’t continue to think about work.

The rug myth

There is a myth that a small rug will make your room seem larger. In fact, the opposite is true. A small rug may make the room seem cluttered instead. If you buy a rug choose the largest one that can fit comfortably in your home. This will make the space seem bigger.

Don’t leave a mess

While you may need a glass of water at night, a snack every so often, don’t leave these plates and wrappers pile up. They will attract insects or create a bad odor but as well as that they make the place look terrible. Your first task every morning is to make the bed and clear the room of clutter. Starting the day off like this will free your mind and allow you to be more creative.