Dog wants cookies and uses leaves as money


Dogs will sometimes do anything to get a treat. When Negro saw children in a cafeteria use green money to pay for their lunches and snacks, he tried to do the same thing with leaves. He doesn’t know what money is and that it has value. The one thing that he does know is that if you give something, then you get something in return. Sadly, Negro’s idea of offering leaves as money didn’t result in getting a lot of treats for him to enjoy.

Negro is a dog that stays at the Diversified Technical Education Institute, interacting with the students and teachers on campus. Many of the teachers feed Negro and make sure he’s taken care of during the week. Since he provides a sense of encouragement and love for the students and staff, everyone tries to do what they can to treat him like family.

Since Negro stays at the school during the week, he started trying to get cookies to enjoy. At first, he didn’t get a lot of treats. After paying attention to some of the students, he started picking up leaves with his nose to give to the students and teachers. When they saw the leaves, they gave him cookies. This is how Negro learned that he could pay for cookies with his own money. At first, his actions weren’t successful. When the students realized what he was doing, they caught on to his trick and rewarded him.

One day, Negro took a leaf to the person at the register. This was the person who the students gave money to when they got food, so he was only copying what everyone else was doing. When Negro would offer his leaves, he would always wag his tail to show that he was happy and anxiously waiting for his treat. Once the cashier knew what he wanted, Negro usually got a cookie in exchange for leaves.

Even though Negro’s money goes a long way to get his cookies, the teachers and students try to limit how many he’s able to get each day, which isn’t something that he likes all the time. Negro is allowed to get two cookies in exchange for his leaves. The reason is that no one wants Negro to get sick from eating too many treats. All of the treats are dog-friendly. The students stand amazed at how quickly Negro learned how to use his money.