Man’s dogs wait for him to come out of hospital


A group of visitors waited outside the door of the Regional Alto Vale Hospital located in Brazil. When one of the nurses arrived, they didn’t try to enter the hospital, but they did peek their heads inside to try to see if their owner would come back out. The homeless man who owned the dogs was ill and needed to be treated at the hospital before going back home, which meant that his dogs had nowhere to stay.

Cesar had a few underlying health conditions that prompted him to finally seek help from a doctor, but he didn’t plan on staying in the hospital. When Cris Mamprim and some of the other nurses saw that there were furry friends waiting on him, they knew that they couldn’t make them leave. The dogs didn’t make any kind of noise while they were waiting. Some of them even slept on the ground near the hospital door. The others looked longingly through the doors, waiting on Cesar to come back to take them for a walk.

When the nurses saw that the dogs looked healthy and well-fed, they realized that Cesar had taken care of them in the best way that he could while being homeless. Unfortunately, Cesar didn’t feed himself so that his dogs could eat.

Friends knew that Cesar had a big heart and would do anything he could for animals or people, but they didn’t know that he had let his health get so bad because of not eating. Cesar doesn’t have a home and doesn’t have a lot of material possessions, but he does everything he can to take care of his dogs because they needed help too.

The dogs waiting outside the hospital doors showed the nurses that the animals loved their owner just as much as he loved them. They were a family and were determined to stay together. Even though they weren’t the typical visitors, the nurses knew that they had to do something to help the dogs and try to relieve their fear and anxiety until Cesar was able to leave. The nurses gathered some food to give to the dogs so that they wouldn’t be hungry, just as Cesar was getting food and attention as well. As soon as Cesar was rolled to the emergency department to leave the hospital, his dogs walked up to stand beside him so that they could make sure their owner was alright.