Pit bull saves woman, turning around her fear of the dog


When some people hear that a person has a Pit Bull as a pet, they tend to shy away from the animal because they have a fear of what the dog could do if they were to get too close. However, there are some pit bulls that are full of love and only want to share the love that they have with other people.

Simba is a pit bull owned by Arjanit Mehana. When Arjanit’s neighbor learned about the dog, the older woman wasn’t too thrilled. She had a fear of pit bulls because of their reputation. However, Simba has changed the woman’s perspective of pit bulls because the dog saved her life one day.

Simba was introduced to Arjanit’s family when he was only eight weeks old and is now four years old. Even though he’s a big boy, Simba is like any other dog. He enjoys lounging on the couch, swimming, and playing fetch in the yard. The dog likes his treats and enjoys eating some of the things that Arjanit eats as well. During the summer months, Simba likes to run around and play in the fields near his house. This means that he can sometimes be seen by the neighbors.

An elderly woman lives in an apartment below Simba and his owner. While Arjanit was walking Simba home one afternoon, he ran to the woman’s door and started barking. The woman was calling out for help. Arjanit knew that she had to do something to help her. Unfortunately, the woman had broken her hip after falling on her floor. Arjanit made a call for emergency services to send an ambulance to take the woman to a local hospital. If Simba hadn’t heard the woman’s cries, then she might not have been rescued for several days.

When the woman realized that Simba was trying to help her, she started to see the dog in a different light. Others who live in the building found out about the woman and how Simba helped her and decided to share the story on social media. People from other countries commented on the story and offered their thanks to Simba for saving the elderly woman. After hip surgery, the woman started her recovery process and is resting at her home. The woman enjoys seeing Simba now and wants him to know how thankful she is that he saved her life when she needed someone with her the most.