Quick-thinking motorcyclist rescues tiny kitten


Often, when you turn on the news, the station shows one frightening or sad story after another–tragedy followed by tragedy. That’s why we love stories like the one we are about to share. It’s a feel-good tale of an everyday hero, which reminds us that there are plenty of good people left in the world, and that one person can make a positive and lasting change.

On August 29, 2019, a motorcyclist was riding along the highway with a video camera strapped to his helmet in Mons, Belgium. Because of the speed at which he was traveling, you might think the motorcyclist wouldn’t notice the small ball of fuzz sitting in the middle of the road. If you blinked, you probably would not have seen it. But the motorycyclist did.

He called out, “No,” and pulled his motorcycle over to the side of the road. Three more cars drove down the road, oblivious, it would appear, to the situation. After the motorcyclist leapt off his bike, he started running toward the furball. A man in a black stationwagon pulled over, too, and joined the motorcyclist. The two men ran together toward the orange ball, each holding their hands up to flag down any other cars. Both yelled, “No,” and “Stop.”

The motorcyclist walked over to the orange circle, which turned out to be a very small kitten curled in a ball. The kitten sat still, looking out into the distance, apparently unaware of how much danger they were in. When the kitten turned his head and looked at the rescuer, he was startled at first and appeared ready to bolt. But the motorcyclist moved forward slowly and reached.

The motorcyclist lifted the kitten while the other man looked on. Once the kitten was in the motorcyclist’s hands, the animal’s eyes grew wide and his mouth still. The kitten’s face seemed to show both awe and appreciation. If cats could talk, perhaps, he might have said, “I don’t know who you are, but thank you so much for picking me up.”

The motorcyclist posted his serendipitous video on social media, and of course, it went viral. He said, “I saved a little cat in the middle of the road[. . .] A man helped me. The cat was very afraid. But now, it is good.” We have included the video here. I challenge you not to smile after seeing this charming story.