Smart alternatives to the gender reveal party AnnaGorbenko

The gender reveal party was a trend that quickly became popular and then quickly became unpopular. It became popular at a time when people were looking for any excuse to post pictures on Instagram and make their lives look a little more interesting. From here the fad took off and the strange and unique ways that parents revealed the gender of their baby became more and more obscure. We saw balloons that revealed the gender, cakes cut, fireworks, and more. Yet quickly the idea started to fall apart. The main reason was that gender and biological sex are seen as different things. Many people felt that assuming your child’s gender before they are even born was presumptuous and wrong. While that may be a bit extreme as most parents were not trying to do that, they were just trying to celebrate the forthcoming birth of their child, this was the reason for the initial backlash. Since that time people now look down on gender reveal parties for being a little tacky and out of touch. Blue no longer signals a boy and pink no longer signals a girl. Gender has nothing to do with a child’s favorite color. With this in mind, many people are looking for alternative ways to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of their new child. 

One of the best ideas we have seen is simply a family celebration day. This is a day when you get all the members of your family together to celebrate the addition that is on the way. On this day you can also choose to name the godparents of the child. This is great because it takes the emphasis off the child and places it on the family. Many people who chose to celebrate this way found that it actually reinforced bonds with existing family members and got everyone excited about the new birth around the corner. 

While many parents wait to see their baby before giving it a name, others have chosen months in advance. A baby name reveal party can be a nice way to celebrate an important milestone in your child’s life and a subtle way to indicate the biological sex of the baby as well, as although it doesn’t matter, it is something that many people want to know. 

A classic baby shower is still a fantastic way to celebrate the new arrival. This doesn’t have to be themed blue or pink and can be a fantastic gender-neutral way to celebrate a baby for just being a baby. It is also a great way to pick up some great gifts. 

If you are a little more holistic in your views than you may be interested in a zodiac sign reveal party or a birthstone reveal party. This type of party is not for everyone but if these things interest you it can be a great way to celebrate the birth of your child and to dive into what these things suggest the future will hold. Even if you don’t believe in these things they offer some great themes to decorate a party with. 

Of course, if you haven’t told anyone about your baby yet then often the best party is a simple pregnancy reveal party. When you find out you are pregnant you initially tell some people very close to you, but there is a time when you want everyone to know. Instead of asking someone to spread the word to avoid you shouting at work someday “YES I AM PREGNANT”, have a pregnancy party. This way everyone finds out and it may also mean some gifts.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the birth of your child, do something that makes you comfortable. We think a small get together is worthwhile as having something to look back on is always great and it can make the important people in your life feel more included in this massive event.