The four essential tips to transform your basement Javani LLC

When you picture a basement you likely think of the cobweb and rat-infested damp environment that features at the climax of many horror movies. At best you are thinking of a dark room that could be turned into a man cave or where the washing machine goes. We are here to tell you that a basement has so much more potential than that. If you have a basement then you need to start thinking bigger about how to transform that space.

In many countries around the world, basements aren’t common. It is far more common to have an attic than a basement in Europe. In America, basements are not unusual at all. If you are reading this article and don’t have a basement, don’t worry. The tips here will apply to any room makeover and attic dwellers, in particular, will find something useful.


The main issue with a basement is the lack of natural light. While some do have windows it is unlikely that any are getting enough natural light. Talk to a structural engineer to understand what your options are. There may be a way that you can introduce more natural light into the room by doing some digging outside. 

If not then don’t lose heart. Today there are many ways that you can bring artificial light into a room without it losing a natural touch. You can install false windows with a 4k resolution screen and present whatever picture you like as the view. There are also different light installations you can look at that breathe life into a room. The trick is to leave no corner in darkness by having a wide range of light features in use.


The other big issue for basements is damp. So many basements start off looking great but after a while smell, a little bit musty and are clearing letting in some dampness. Again, you need to talk to a structural engineer. They will be able to ensure that you have all the drainage of the house pointing away from the basement. Even if you experience a lot of rainfall in the area you should be able to direct it away to ensure your basement is never damp. 

The other key thing is to create a purpose for your basement so that it is used often. If you only go down there for the washing every couple of days, don’t be surprised if it does become cobweb-infested and a little musty.

The floors

Your basement likely has a concrete floor. This is cold to walk on, uninviting, and shows up a lot of dirt. You can cover this concrete with some gorgeous hardwood flooring to change the way it looks. Altering the floor is the best bang for your buck in transforming a living space.


The way you decorate the basement will define how it looks. If you put in a large leather recliner with a minibar, it will become a man cave. If you put in some lighter furnishings and paint the walls lighter colors like cream, it could become a bright and welcoming environment. Somewhere for you to entertain, read, and relax. 

These four simple tips are easy to do and changes can be achieved to match your budget. If you have a large budget for your basement project you can dig up the outside and install some new windows. If you have a limited budget then you still have options. A simple change in the floors, the color on the walls, or the lighting can transform the entire space. The one thing you can’t go cheap on is the drainage. It is incredibly important to avoid cutting corners on this and get it right the first time. Taking these steps will turn your basement from a horror scene into the most relaxing room in the house.