The greatest succulent in the world and why we are obsessed


Succulents are amazing. If you have been living under a rock for a while you may not have realized but succulents have taken the millennial generation by storm. The plant is perfect for those with busy lives who want to let a little color in too. There are a few key reasons why succulents are so amazing and we will dig into the reasons here. In addition, we want to share our favorite succulent with you. After seeing it, you will dream of having it too.

The main reason people love succulents is because of the time they take to care for. Succulents and cacti don’t need to be watered very often. They are incredibly resilient so don’t need to be moved out of the sun and grow slowly making them ideal for indoor plants.

One of the lesser-known great things about succulents is how easy they are to propagate. While they are incredibly resilient at some point they may still die. If they are sick you can cut off the roots or fallen parts to create a newly propagated plant. This means that you can use one plant to create many with ease.

Some people think that succulents and cacti are just boring and they couldn’t be more wrong. The slow growth of these plants is incredibly rewarding. They may show new branches, change colors, and transform their entire positioning. Owning a succulent is really the equivalent of committing to a long plant relationship instead of a two-week affair with some bright flower that will die quickly. 

The most amazing thing about succulents is the different shapes, sizes, and colors they come in. The varieties of succulents out there make them almost a collector’s item. If you were someone who had a beanie baby as a kid, prepare to become addicted to adding to your succulents. 

With that in mind, we wanted to share the most gorgeous succulent that we have found. The technical name is the crested Senecio Vitalis but for simplicity’s sake, we like to call it the mermaid tail. Once you see this succulent you will quickly understand why. The succulent raises from the soil with a thick stalk before fanning into a bright mermaid’s tail. The plant is extremely strange as instead of growing towards a light like most plants (Which gives them all that tall shape) it grows outwards. This amazing plant can grow to be one or two feet high but up to five feet high. 

The plant is native to South Africa meaning it is dormant in our summer and active in winter (the case for most succulents). It is known as a great succulent as it is incredibly drought resistant and easy to take care of.

If you have never understood the growing fondness in the world for succulents then I hope this article has helped you to see the light. However, if you are still unsure then the only solution is to buy one and see how you feel about it. Don’t be surprised if you become a little attached to your first succulent, it happens the best of us. Also remember that you need to be careful, not because cacti are prickly (although they are) but because they are incredibly addictive. If you buy one, you may not be able to stop. If the mermaid’s tail is something that you are interested in purchasing call your local plant store and see if they are able to track it down. If not, there are online sellers like Etsy. Act fast though as these incredible plants are increasingly popular and there is no time like today to start your succulent addiction.