Useful carpet stain removal tricks that everyone should know


Spills on carpet are one of life’s annoyances that we want to avoid as much as possible because they can seem nearly impossible to clean. Here are some tricks you can learn so that your next carpet spill won’t seem like a total disaster.

White craft glue

If you managed to spill some glue on your carpet, you can use some paper towels to wipe it up as long as it hasn’t dried. If the glue is dry, place a piece of cloth over the affected area, and run a hot iron over it. The heat will melt the glue while the cloth absorbs it.

Permanent marker

A permanent marker stain needn’t be permanent. If you spray some hairspray onto a piece of cloth, you can blot out that stain until you don’t see it any longer.

Red wine

A red wine stain can look like a real disaster on a clean white carpet, but you can take care of it by immediately blotting it with a clean, dry cloth. Work from around the edge of the stain toward the middle. Follow this procedure up with a wet cloth. Next, apply water and baking soda and blot again with a cloth. After the area dries, vacuum up the residue.

Pet stains

This can be a dreaded type of stain, but you can take care of it if you act quickly. First, soak up the area with a dry cloth, then apply a vinegar solution to the area. Use a scrubbing brush to clean the area, then blot the stain dry with a dry cloth. Finally, sprinkle on some baking soda, and vacuum it up.

Vegetable oil

This might seem difficult to pick up, but it will help if you apply some baking soda first to soak up the oil. Vacuum up the baking soda after it has absorbed the oil. Use a sponge with some soap and water to take care of the remaining residue.


Smoothies are very popular nowadays, so you’re likely to get a juice spill on your carpet at some point. Blot up the juice with a dry cloth as much as possible. Use a soapy cloth to lift up the rest of the stain.


A wad of gum stuck in your carpet might be a cause for alarm, but a handy trick is to freeze the gum with some ice, then remove it with a knife after it hardens. You can pick up the remains with a cloth soaked in a solution of water and dishwashing detergent.


Most people depend on coffee to get them going in the morning, so it’s good to know what to know in case of a spill. Create a mixture of vinegar, water and soap. Use a cloth with this cleaning solution, blotting out the stain from the outside edges to the center. Use a dry cloth to soak up the remains.


This is probably the most common type of mess on carpet. You can probably vacuum most of it up initially. Use a cloth soaked in water, vinegar and baking soda to pick up the deep particles that remain.