What all parents need to know about teen parties


Teens love having a social life. The chance to interact with their peers lets kids have fun and make connections they will use for the rest of their lives. At the same time, parents want to make sure kids can party safely and still enjoy the chance to interact with friends outside of school. Any party should be carefully supervised by at least one parent. Before you welcome a large group of teens to your home, there are a few things you and your teen should know. This tips will make sure the party has a happy ending for everyone.

The basics

If you grew up before the age of social media you might not know how it works together. Word of mouth can now spread even more quickly. A single post on a popular social media site can lead to hundreds of kids knowing about the party. The first thing you want to do is make sure your teen knows who’s coming and how to tell them. Setting boundaries can and should be done by having your child agree to make sure that everyone who comes to their party is someone you can both trust before they show up.

Controlled substances

Teens often expect alcohol and illicit substances at a party. A parent may condone these actions on the grounds they can better control their teen’s behavior. This is a myth. Teens have brains that have not yet fully developed. They are much more likely to engage in poor decision making once under the influence. A parent should not allow such substances on the grounds of their home at any time. If something should happen to teen while on the parent’s property, the parent can be civilly and criminally liable. The best thing to do is make sure that such substances are never in use at all.

Hosting the party

If your teen is the one hosting that party, keep in mind a few things. Small fetes are better. No more than fifteen kids is ideal. An invited guest list should be set up in advance and kept to at all times. Create a starting and ending time so people know when to show up and when to leave. It’s also good to keep a lot of food on hand so kids aren’t tempted to make any other choices about what to consume.

Heading to an event

Teens heading off to a party should have a few parental ground rules in place before they leave. Speak with the adult hostess of the party. Let her know your name and the name of your child. Make sure they are not allowing any illicit substances to be consumed. Sit your teen down and speak with them about how to react. If there’s an issue, let them know they can contact you and you’ll be right there to bring them home quickly. Remind them of the potential dangers of accepting rides from impaired drivers.