How to landscape a dog-friendly garden

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Who said you couldn’t have a good looking backyard with a four-footed friend? Granted, there are a few challenges involved that could potentially require a bit of sacrifice. If you’re looking to have your beloved pooch frolic in your yard, then you have to modify your landscaping.

Keep the urine away
Every good landscaper knows that dogs and yard grass are not a good combo, especially if you have a puppy. Puppies tend to urinate frequently on any surface. When you throw grass into the mix, the results are less than desirable. It can cause your garden to smell anything but fresh.

Before letting your puppy run rampant, make sure to add some hard surfaces to your lawn like masonry and stone slabs to keep the stench of urine from infiltrating your yard.

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Add a fence that’s dog friendly
As enjoyable as it is to see your dogs run around and play, they can damage your garden in the process. Obviously, this is something you want to avoid. You can do this by adding a fence that are puppy proof. There are a lot of fences that can both keep your dog out of certain areas while adding curb appeal to your backyard, so take your time when choosing.

Create an area specifically for your dog
If your backyard is loaded with plants and vegetables that took time to grow, the last thing you want is your dog to dig them up or destroy them. However, you don’t really want to keep your pooch locked inside all the time.

A great way to rectify both issues is to make space for an area that’s specifically for your dog to play. It doesn’t have to be a big area, just make sure there’s enough space to run around.

Train your dog
Lastly, the best way to landscape a dog-friendly garden is to train your dog. This is honestly the best way to keep your backyard safe and your dogs happy. The first thing you need to do when training a dog is to teach them to go to the bathroom in a specific area.

Secondly, you need to train your dog to listen when their name is called. This can be difficult at times as your dog is often in their own world whenever they’re running around. It may take time and patience, but it will be worth it in the end.

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