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It is important that your home is a safe and comfortable space. After a long day of work or a week away for business we all get that feeling that we just want to be at home. It is a place of comfort and tranquilty. Yet if you arrive home and don’t feel your mood shift to a peaceful one there is something wrong. We have some tips to ensure that your home is a happy and welcoming environment. 

Keep it tidy

It sounds obvious but keeping a tidy home will help you have a clear mind. When you see a little bit of clutter in your home you may not think twice about it but it can play with your mental state. For ultimate relaxation ensure your home is tidy. If you arrive home to a mess a quick ten minute tidy could be all you need to feel relaxed. The Netflix show ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ has become a huge hit not only because she shows how to tidy homes but because she shows how strongly it is linked with your mental well being. One of Kondo’s key messages is that everything should have a place. If you have packs of cards, hats and books lying around on your table because they have no real place, then you will never feel like your home is truly tidy. Give everything a place. When an obect is in its rightful place you will be able to relax and unwind.

Try some succulents

Plants are great for a home. They purify the air, add a great smell, and make the place look great. Yet plants are hard work and while you may purchase them to feel better, seeing dead ones every day will just make you feel worse. For many people, succulents provide the perfect solution. They are still great for purifying the air but are far less maintenance. Be careful though as they can become incredibly addictive.

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Neutral tones are your friend

There was a time when bright colors on the walls were fashionable but we have learned that it just makes us feel a little tense. Sleeping in a room with white walls will make you happier when you wake up. Similar using neutral tones around the house will present a calm environment. 

Check your lighting

Another important tip is to reduce the amount of fluorescent lighting in your home. You should incorporate natural lighting wherever you can. If there are rooms that can’t benefit from natural lighting then try and use soft lighting instead to allow your home to be a calm place. A dimmer switch is a great idea so that when you want to feel energized you can turn those lights up too.

Natural materials are good for the soul

If you paint all your walls white and remove all the clutter, you are close to creating a bliss but it could also feel a little cold and sterile. That does not sound like a happy place. Introduce some natural wood or cork to bring some life to your home. While it is great to have neutral colors ensure there is a little warmth there too so that you can feel snug in your home.

So many people do not realize how important it is that they feel good in their homes
. After a long day of stress, you need to have a safe place, an environment where you can recharge. If that doesn’t sound like your home then start making changes straight away. You will see immediate benefits to your energy levels and mental health. Enjoy!

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