Mindful garden watering: balancing water use and conservation

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Water consumption has become an issue in many places, so taking care of a garden can become an issue when restrictions are put in place by local authorities. It could leave plants sagging in the sunshine as they thirst for this precious resource, but there are ways to balance the need for water while conserving resources. It can take a bit of creative thinking and planning to ensure the garden areas outdoors get what they need, but saving water could be a good way to enjoy a garden during even the hottest days of the year.

Existing gardens often use a great deal of water, but they can often be modified with water conservation in mind. Pulling out plants that are from a climate where water is abundant could be a good first step, but keeping them could be as simple as planting something larger in the vicinity to shade them during the hottest parts of the day.

Planning a garden is always a fun exercise, and balancing the need for water with conservation is an easier task when doing it before the first seed or sapling goes into the ground. Using local plants that will thrive on less water is one of the best ways to create a garden without excess watering. Even using plants from other areas of the world can be a good idea when it comes to saving every drop of water due to restrictions.

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Proper watering of plants in the ground is an area where conservation can be applied in two different ways. Choosing to water early in the morning or later in the afternoon is a good way to conserve while keeping everything healthy and blooming. Plants often get burned when they are watered when the sun is high overhead, so this is one way to cut down on water while giving them exactly what they need.

Many modern gardeners do not have time to water each plant in their garden, so they set up sprinklers on timers to do the job for them. This is an excellent idea, and it can be another way to add a measure of conservation. Planning a garden with zones for the sprinklers can drop the amount of time it takes to water plants, and choosing either early or late watering will cut the amount needed considerably. Even moving plants around to take advantage of sprinklers set for different lengths of watering time can be a good way to balance out use and conservation.

It has become necessary in many areas to conserve water, but the need for people to enjoy a healthy garden has also become greater. Being able to keep the plants healthy requires that they be watered on a regular basis, but choosing the right plants will make a big difference. Creating watering zones and using plants that do not need more water than the local area provides in rainfall will help, and ensuring those that do need more are shaded from the sun is one more way to create a healthy and tranquil garden.

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