The best reasons to own a pet Romanova Anna
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The decision of whether you should get a pet or not is a big one. If you are in an apartment, if you don’t have a yard, if you are renting, if you have a busy social life, if you have a busy work life, if you have sensitive neighbors, if you have plans to move in a few years time, these are all reasons to avoid getting a pet. And yet if you ask anyone who ignored these obstacles and still got a pet if it was the right decision, most will say yes. That is because pets are a wonderful thing and enrich your life in ways you can’t even imagine until you get one. Here are some of the best reasons to own a pet, that you didn’t think of before. WARNING: Do not read this article or let your family read it if you have decided against getting a pet.

The simple truth is that pets make you happier. When people wonder what life is all about they sometimes think it is about having a successful career, or about finding love, about accomplishing something unique or something else entirely. Life is about being happy, that is it. A pet will make your life happier. Pets don’t judge and when you come home after a long day they are there to make you feel great, they will lick your face, rub against your leg, and listen. Pets are some of the best listeners in the world and most owners say that when they tell their problems to their pets, they feel better. 

One of the keys to happiness is laughing more. The act of laughing is shown to make people happier and having a pet means you will laugh a lot more. They will do something cute, something silly, something almost humanlike, something crazy and you will laugh. Pets take you out of your head and allow you to focus on the present, they let you live in the moment, something that many of us really struggle with otherwise.

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All of this is good for your mental health. It has been shown by numerous studies that owning a pet lowers your blood pressure, lowers your stress level, and improves your overall mood. The other way they help improve your mental health is by forcing you to exercise. If you own a dog they want to be walked, whether it is a storm outside, cold, or you have had a tough day, they need to be walked. This new thing in your life that forces you to go outside for a walk or run is a powerful force in making you a healthier and happier person.

While a dog is known as man’s best friend, they can also introduce you to your next best friend. A new study has shown that 29% of dog owners in the UK indicated they made new friends because of their dog. The moment you take your dog to the local park you will notice other dog owners in the area. The more you go the more you will see the same people. Soon you will be waving at them and who knows before long you could have a new friend or even a new romance.

If you are having a child many people avoid owning a dog because of the added work in looking after both a baby and a pet. This is a mistake. A pet can prove a great companion for a new child and it has been shown to benefit their immune system as well. Pets will bring in all kinds of germs and dirt from outside and studies have shown that in households with pets, babies are less likely to have infections.

If this doesn’t convince you to own a pet then I fear nothing will. To put it as simply as I can; a pet can change your house into a home. Owning a pet gives you something to look forward to, someone to talk to, someone to laugh with and someone to care for. Pets enrich lives.

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