The one recipe dog chew that you need to learn Michael Ebardt
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Dogs are incredible companions. They do whatever they can to lift our spirits, make us happy, and comfort us during trying time. The world is currently in a trying time, the coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s life to some degree. It has been tougher for some more than others but no matter what situation you are in your stress levels have likely increased. For many of us, our dogs have been a huge help at this time. We have been spending more time at home and our dogs have been our companion through it all. They have got us outside to exercise and kept us company inside on those long days in front of the TV. While our presence has been one reward for them, we can do more. That is why we are going to show you one easy to make doggy-treat that will act as a great way for you to thank your pup for helping you in this tough time.

I came up with this homemade snack after shopping for dog treats in my local supermarket. I spent $12 on something called “sweet potato dog chews”. When I got home and took one out of the bag, my dog loved it, he chewed on it for a while before consuming it with glee. Yet I was a little confused, they just looked like slices of sweet potato, so what was the difference? After studying the product and packaging a little more I realized there was none! I had paid $12 for some chews that likely amounted to two sweet potatoes. 

I decided to return to the supermarket later that week and buy some sweet potato instead. I found with just two sweet potatoes I could make more than the packet supplied and the cost was around $2. To make these snacks is incredibly easy.

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Simply slice your sweet potato lengthways about ¼ inch thick to create long sweet snacks. Place the slices on some parchment paper and leave them in the oven for up to three hours. Let them bake slowly becoming soft and crunchy. If you like you can sprinkle some cinnamon on the treats if you worry your dog won’t be impressed by the bland taste of sweet potato. I did a little of each to see what my Shadowfax’s favorite was and found he loved them both around the same amount. Remember to leave the potato in the oven as it cools as well for about 20 minutes. This will make them a little crunchier and your dog will thank you for it.

These potato treats will stay fresh for around two weeks if stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Put them in the freezer and they will stay good forever. These treats are a great option for your dog not only because they are so cheap and easy to make but because they are healthy too. Shadowfax has to stay away from treats that are too fatty or he will put on the pounds quickly, so this was an ideal replacement that he loved.

Sweet potato is a fantastic source of potassium and magnesium. It is low in sodium and high in iron and calcium. The snack is high in dietary fiber meaning it is great for your dog’s digestion.  It is low in fat and rich in beta-carotene so it is suitable for any dog diet. With all these positive health factors you will be tempted to eat these treats yourself, but save them for your pup instead.

The sweet potato chew is a one-ingredient recipe that will make your dog incredibly happy. At a time when dogs are becoming a huge expense for owners this recipe shows how we can treat them at a very low price.

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