The right way to use tinfoil

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In life, there are some questions that are more important than others. The answer to world peace would be something that everyone would want to learn and many people would pay to find out. How to cook the perfect poached egg is something that many of us do want to know but likely not at the same level as world peace. That is not to suggest that the perfect poached egg doesn’t matter. Many people have dedicated their lives (ok maybe a few hours) to determine the perfect method and approach for cooking an excellent egg of the poached variety. Today I will not tell you the answer to world peace nor will I tell you how to cook the perfect poached egg. Instead, I want to focus on something more important than both. One of life’s big questions: Why does tinfoil have a dark side and a shiny side?

That is right dear readers – this is the big one. Sarcasm aside though it has always puzzled me why tinfoil has one side that is shinier than the other. When I was a child I should have asked but I never did and as the years went on it just became too awkward to ask about something that has been a part of my life for so long.

I always assumed that the outside part of the roll was the shiny side because it was the back of the sheet and not supposed to be used. This is not correct. The actual answer is that when tinfoil is manufactured it uses two layers of foil to create a strong material that won’t fall apart. These two foils are stuck together. The process is called milling and it essentially uses heat and tension to create the foil product we know and love. When the process of milling takes place one side of the tinfoil is on a metal surface and the other side is facing up. The side that is one the metal surface will take on a duller color.

This begs the question can both sides be used or is there a right way to use tinfoil? You can breathe a sigh of relief as there is no correct side of tinfoil. Both sides will work the same and perform the same duties. There are some foils on the market that are ‘non-stick’ these will have one side that is coated with a non-stick surface so in this case, you shouldn’t use the backside of the tinfoil.

Tinfoil is a great product that has so many uses in the home. It is primarily used for baking but we all know it comes in handy for many other things. One common application is when we have leftovers we tend to leave them on the plate, cover them with tinfoil, and pop in the fridge. According to the experts, this is a bad idea. Tinfoil can not compete with a fully sealed container and if you use it to protect your food they are still susceptible to air and therefore bacteria.

This is everything that you need to know about tin foil or aluminum foil as it is called in some parts of the world. You can freely use the tinfoil on either side and now you can dazzle guests at your latest dinner party with stories of how the product works. Just be careful not to use tinfoil in your fridge for too long as it will not stop your food from being contaminated. It will always help you avoid a massive clean up when using the oven. God bless tin foil for this.

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