This man fills gloves with latex and uses them in his garden to hold flowers!

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A beautiful garden enhances every property, especially when flowers and shrubs delight with bright colors, textures and shapes. Interesting sculptures, planters and pots also add visual interest to a garden, and our do-it-yourself project will fascinate all who see it.

You, too, can replicate this easy-to-do garden planter with just a couple of items, including a pair of latex gloves and some cement. Add a spatula, large glass jar and some parchment paper, and you’re good to go.

One man shared his planter project via video instruction, and it’s hard not to want to create your own garden planter after watching his clever demonstration. Even if you consider yourself “all thumbs,” you will be able to accomplish this DIY garden planter in just a few minutes.

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We will begin by mixing some cement powder with water just as you would in any kind of project that involves cement. The best way to do this is to use a large plastic bowl, and pour some cement powder into it. Keep adding water as you mix it, and by the way, make sure you put on a pair of old gloves (not the latex ones) while working with the product.

Keep stirring the cement mixture with a spatula until it becomes a bit thick. Next, place a single latex glove in the glass jar and secure the glove around the jar’s opening. Pour the cement in the glove until it fills the glove’s shape, and tie the glove opening with a knot.

Place the glove in a bowl that is covered with parchment paper to dry for about 24 hours.

You could also make a second glove by following the same directions. You could place the two gloves together in the bowl to create a “cupped hands” planter or sculpture design.

To do this, poke a hole on the side of the glove, and stick them together as they dry in the bowl.

The next day, take a box cutter and carefully remove the gloves around the cement hands.

What is left behind are beautiful and sturdy cupped hands that can hold a variety of plants like succulents and other garden delights.

You can place the planter indoors or outdoors in a special spot. If you want to keep the cement hand or hands as a sculpture without holding flowers, that is also an excellent idea that adds visual interest to any location.

This is a simple DIY creative project that results in a most unique garden planter.

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