Tips to keep your home clean if you have indoor pets

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Many people love having their pets share their home. Animals living inside, however, can be dirty, smelly, and even spread germs. Everything from pet hair on the bed to urine stains on the furniture and carpet can be problems for pet owners. There are several tips, however, you can use to keep your home as clean and fresh as possible.

Keep your pet groomed
The first step to keeping your home clean when you have a pet is regular grooming. Making sure your pets are bathed on a regular basis will limit the amount of dirt and germs that are brought into the house. Keeping their hair or fur brushed and trimmed will reduce the amount of shedding.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner
A good vacuum cleaner will be worth the money if you have a pet living indoors. If you don’t have a vacuum that can quickly and efficiently pick up pet hair, you’ll likely spend a lot more time cleaning. Look for a vacuum that is easy to empty and has a quality filter. It should have tools for sofas and other types of upholstery. Finally, choose a vacuum that is as quiet as possible so it won’t cause stress for pets.

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Quickly clean bodily fluids
Vomit and urine should be cleaned as quickly as possible to prevent stains and for good hygiene purposes. Accidents can happen even when animals are house trained. For this reason you’ll want to purchase a few good products to remove stains as effectively as possible.

Full disclosure
You’ll want to select products that are as natural as possible so they’re safe for your pets as well as people. A good home solution to try is one part white vinegar mixed with one part water. You may also want to add a teaspoon or two of baking soda. If you think your pet may have been harmed by a cleaning product contact your vet or the Poison Hotline for Pets immediately.

Keep litter boxes fresh
If you have a cat, you’ll want to keep the litter box as clean as possible. Make sure to use a high-quality litter. Consider having a hooded box for litter instead of one that is open. A hooded box will help contain odors and stray litter.

Maintain bird health
Since some birds spend most of their time in a cage it’s important to keep the cage as clean as possible. Birds can easily develop an illness and often need special care. Besides keeping the cage clean, it’s important to regularly clean all toys and bowls inside the cage. Dirty cages not only can cause your pet to become ill but can create unpleasant odors in your home.

It’s important to keep your home as clean and odor-free as possible. No matter what type of pet you have, following these basic tips can keep your home clean and your pet healthy.

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