Understanding The Different Types Of Workaholics

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Many people are devoted to their work. Work that is interesting can form the foundation of any fulfilled life. If you are spending lots of time working or you know someone who does, it helps to know what you’re doing and why. Many people who study people who work a lot have come up with different ways of classifying those who work a great deal. It can also help you understand the behaviors of your coworkers and what is motiving them. If you work a lot, you can also think about why you feel compelled to work and how to change up what can be unhealthy habits.

Knowing what it means

Workaholism is one of those terms that can be hard to define. In general, it applies to those who spend the majority of their time thinking about work, heading to work and engaging in work. Someone who comes in early and stays late can be a workaholic. The same is true for someone who stays at the office on weekends and holidays. Racking up lots of overtime over a long period of time can be an indication this is someone who puts work on top of their other priorities.

Relentless drive

Some people feel a certain sense of drive. These are the people who are always thinking about a goal and how to get it in place. For them, life is a series of obstacles and challenges. These are the kind of people who do very well in a fast paced environment. They are those who take pride in meeting them and going past them each day. They are those who are comfortable in places where the work moves very quickly. While such jobs can be a good fit, it is important not to overdo it and get lost in the process.

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Detail oriented

Another type of workaholic is someone who can and will examine the work they’re doing in great detail. They are those who are going to check every single thing they do again and again. They want to make sure that every single i has been dotted and every single t has been crossed. They are the kind of worker who can be of use in work that needs lots of specific concentration over a short period of time such as law or medicine. At the same time, this kind of concentration can take a toll on the person’s life and lead to long term burnout.

Looking for stimulation

Stimulation is crucial for some people at work. They’re always looking for a brand new project. They want a new project that they can sink their teeth into and fully explore from every single angle. These are the workers who are willing to pay attention and keep paying attention over time. While these are useful skills, once the worker no longer finds the project of interest, they are likely to look for something else to do at work. That can leave things undone in the long term.

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