Why you need to stop looking for love and get a dog instead

Shutterstock.com/ John Barreca
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Many people spend their lives looking for that significant other, someone they can share their deepest secrets with, someone they can cuddle at night, someone that when they come home from a long day at work, is there for them. If you fit the bill of someone on this search then we have good news for you. Stop your search right now because all you need is a dog. In a recent study, it was found that people who have both a dog and a partner, clearly prefer their dog.

If you are someone who is not passionate about dogs and thinks a pet is just a pet, think again. 94% of dog owners say that their dog is part of the family. This high percentage shows that even those who don’t feel so great about dogs before they have a dog will quickly change their mind when they get one. 

The same study showed that 56% of dog owners greet their dog before anyone else in the family. This shows that not only are they part of the family, but they may also be the most important part. 47% of people also said that they would find it harder to leave their dog for a week than they would their partner. 

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The real question you have to ask yourself is why are you spending so long looking for the perfect guy or girl when the perfect dog is so easily attainable. Dogs will never lie to you, never cheat on you and will always be there for you. Can you really trust any other human as much as you can trust a dog? The answer is clearly no. 

The same study showed that 65% of dog owners take more pictures of their dog than they do their life partner. Clearly a dog can not only fill any void that you have if you are lonely they also do it better than any existing loved ones. 

Clearly, we are not saying that dogs can tick off every role in the relationship checklist but we are not telling you to marry your dog either. All we are saying is that there is strong evidence to say that people who have a dog have a stronger bond with it than their partner. Therefore if you are looking for a strong emotional connection get a dog. We all know that men have about as much emotional intelligence as a goldfish, so aim higher, share your problems with a dog instead.

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