Why you want to do mattress flipping

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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to live a happy life, but a bad mattress can stop that from happening. Mattress life where comfort is concerned lasts about eight years, but it does take a bit of maintenance to keep it a place where you want to sleep. Rather than nodding off in front of the television every night to avoid going to bed, just a few simple steps can make a mattress feeling good for all eight years before replacing it with a new one.

For those who have a standard mattress, flipping it upside down every three months is highly recommended by manufacturers. This prevents it from accumulating those annoying dips and dents where people tend to sleep every night. Those uneven spots are what will interrupt sleep whenever a person turns over, or they could become chasms where the fear of being stuck in the bed for a lifetime can occur.

For those who have a foam mattress, flipping is an unnecessary maneuver. It would be nice to never have to maintain any mattress, but rotating it every three or four months can keep it feeling fresh and new for a lot longer. Flipping is not done with this type of mattress because the underside is often a hard layer that will not provide a restful night of sleep for users.

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Pillow top mattresses are a cushy way to feel the touch of luxury when getting into bed, but they should not be flipped. The pillowing is sewn into only one side of the mattress, so it would disappear when turned. While flipping it over to avoid uneven use is not recommended, owners can rotate it every three or four months to provide comfort and a better rest when used. It will help to avoid those same dips and dents in a normal mattress while keeping the pillow top feeling like a cloud.

The eight year rule for keeping a mattress is fairly standard throughout the industry, but some people have found that even regular flipping and rotating does not always give them that much life for their sleeping needs. There are mattress toppers that can be purchased separately, and they can extend the life of the mattress for a while longer. Simply put them on top of the bed after flipping and rotating, and they will reside comfortably under the sheets for a rejuvenation of an older mattress and a better rest.

Everything in life seems to need maintenance, and the bed is no exception. While there are plenty of places to purchase new ones, making a mattress last the full eight years can be a good way to save the time and effort necessary to find the best buy on the market at any time. Comfort can be part of the bargain if flipping and rotating the mattress is done on a regular schedule, and adding a mattress topper can keep it feeling plush and cozy if wear and tear become an issue.

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